About HardBass

Hardbass originated in Ukraine and Russia in 2010, where groups of young people belonging to the SXE (Straight Edge) began to promote a healthy lifestyle (drug-free entertainment, have fun on the street for a free, self-hardening and sports).

The first exhibiting began in the video which group of young people running around the snowy streets accompanied by music. Then came the idea, which had to reach a young generation of housing estates – with Hardbass. The first scenario these videos were simple: a group of young men, accompanied by electronic music danced in the streets while making a workout half-naked in the snow, or jumping trough into holes in frozen lakes.

The video began to go round the Internet and then they began to respond to other groups of young people from different cities. After a while, Hardbass became more and more popular thing across the countries and new phenomenon as well. Each city is trying Hardbass improve and add something new. Then came smoke, pyro, funny masks, presentation in shopping centers and fast-food chains, dancing in front of the dominant buildings of particular cities, the stadiums, squares, train stations etc.

The only thing that linked all these groups, were proud of their city, region or country, and with it being presented Hardbass. The original idea was preserved: “Hardbass dance with us, live a life without the use of drugs.” We can say that with this idea and the fact that he started to dance different groups of ultras and hooligans, was by the some so called “experts” on extremism seen as a matter of far-right scene. Obsessive efforts of journalists and all kinds of experts, and everything at any cost, properly pigeonholed, reached in our “free” country of monstrous proportions.

Prva Srpska TV – reportage about Hard Bass crew from Belgrade.

3 responses

  1. http://www.praguehardbass.cz/
    check this man

    27.8.2011 at 10.59

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    Great way to promote your lifestyle 😉

    More stuff comin´up!

    28.8.2011 at 10.24

  3. on

    So Hardbass is SXE? That’s cool. Never would’ve guessed, the moves are just like the ones that football hool’s do when they snort too much meth and go clubbing here in belgrade.

    Also, what’s with the hand sign?

    16.1.2012 at 0.02

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